Evaluations and Completion

You and your supervisor/employer will be required to fill out both a mid-point and final evaluation of your job site experience.

Your Cooperative Education Coordinator at University Career Services will review both evaluations.

Completion of Co-op
At the end of each co-op experience, after evaluations, the Co-op Coordinator will review your experience. Notice will be sent to your advisor and the faculty or staff contact from your department. The co-op course will be listed on your official Georgia State University transcript.

Liability Insurance
The university maintains a Miscellaneous General Liability Policy that covers student employees while on approved cooperative education positions. This insurance is in addition to any applicable general liability or professional liability insurance carried by the employer. The policy, with limits, covers injury to clients, or the employer, that arises from the failure to render professional services by the student employee during the policy period, while performing cooperative job duties.

If an incident or a claim arises, the employer should contact the student employee’s Co-op Coordinator at University Career Services with information pertaining to the circumstance.