Pre-co-op: Getting started

Eligible incoming students (traditional or transfer) will declare pre-co-op status. This does not guarantee placement in the program but puts the student on track to apply for full program admission upon successful completion of required orientation, professional development modules and special course sequences.

Pre-co-op students will be required to:

  1. Meet the prerequisites for pre-co-op status:
    • Meet minimum grade-point average for pre-co-op courses as specified by major.
    • Be enrolled at Georgia State University.
    • Be available to participate in a six-month, full-time co-op rotation (40 hours per week).
    • Meet Georgia State University’s graduation time frame requirements
  2. Discuss co-op with a co-op coordinator or academic advisor who will review your courses and approve you for pre-co-op status
  3. Complete department specific requirements and be granted final approval by your academic department for co-op.
  4. Participate in professional development modules through University Career Services (call or email: 404-413-1827 and [email protected])

Pre-co-op students will be required to complete:
Professional Preparation Modules: University Career Services will assist students in progressing through five professional preparation modules designed to fully equip students in conducting a successful co-op search.

Co-op Professional Prep Modules:

(Required for all pre-co-op students)

  1. Orientation to cooperative education at Georgia State University
  2. Résumé writing and using Handshake
  3. Smart Applications – the co-op search process
  4. Interview skills, dress for success, etiquette and presenting yourself
  5. On-the-job behavior, making the most of your co-op experience and money management