It is expected that you will complete each co-op field rotation in full. If for some unforeseen reason you are unable to complete the full co-op field experience, contact your Co-op Coordinator at University Career Services at 404-413-1827 to discuss your options.
Every effort will be made to assist students in locating a co-op experience. However, Georgia State does not place students with employers. It is up to each student to find and compete for a co-op employment situation. If a co-op is not secured, you will meet with the Co-op Coordinator to discuss options.
No. Your co-op experience is your priority.
The co-op course/experience is not covered by Veteran benefits. However, the co-op is a paid experience to assist with tuition/fees and living expenses.

Financial Aid FAQ

Co-op students cannot receive financial assistance for the semesters they are participating in co-op. The co-op students are considered enrolled students, but because credits earned do not count toward the degree, students are not eligible for financial aid.
Any income earned while employed through Georgia State’s co-op program will be excluded when calculating financial aid eligibility for any semester in which the students are not participating in a co-op program.

There is a co-op earning section on FAFSA, and income reported will not reduce eligibility for financial aid.

Students’ Hope Scholarship will not be affected by co-op. Students are not receiving academic credit for the co-op program, so Hope Scholarship eligibility will not be affected.
Yes. There will be a nominal fee to cover fees associated with enrollment in co-op.