Co-op in the field

Co-op Ready: The Job Search

Upon successful completion of University Career Services’ professional preparation modules you will be approved for the job search phase of the process. If you do not successfully complete the UCS prerequisites and don’t receive clearance from your department, you will have the option to apply for an internship. Cooperative Education and Internship Coordinators will assist you with this process.

  • The job search – Now is the time to start using the information you learned during the co-op prep workshop, Smart Applications
    1. Log into Handshake – University Career Services’ online job board.
    2. Utilize the many resources and events held throughout the year, including employer information sessions, career fairs and networking events sponsored by University Career Services, as well as campus-wide and community events.
    3. Meet with a Cooperative Education Coordinator at University Career Services to discuss your search process and strategy. Contact University Career Services to schedule an appointment: 404-413-1827.
    4. Be involved in the process! Locating a co-op employment opportunity is collaborative effort between University Career Services, employers and students.
  • The job offer
    1. Notify the Co-op Coordinator when you have received a job offer so you can be approved for the co-op phase. All positions must meet the requirements of the department and UCS.
    2. Register in PAWS for the appropriate co-op course: COOP 2000 (first co-op) or COOP 3000 (second co-op).
    3. Once you have accepted an offer, contact the Cooperative Education & Internships office to fully record your co-op experience in the system.

Registration for Co-op Experience
All students participating in a co-op experience will be required to officially register for the co-op course listed in the schedule of classes for the terms in which they plan to participate in the program.

When to Register
As during all terms, you will be given a registration time-ticket. The first 10 days of registration are the only days of registration that are timeticketed. About one week before registration begins you can find your registration time ticket assignment by entering PAWS in the registration block on the Enrollment Services/One Stop Shop tab.

Your time-ticket assignment is valid beginning at the date and time that you are assigned and continues through the last day of registration. You can view registration dates on the Registrar’s web page.

Students participating in a co-op experience should register as soon as their time-ticket assignments allow. Students should not register during late registration, as placement in the co-op experience will begin prior to late registration. For all co-op students, a registration restriction will be placed on your course registration prohibiting you from dropping or withdrawing from the co-op course without prior consultation with your Co-op Coordinator.

  1. Log in to PAWS with your CampusID and password. You can look up or change your CampusID or password on the CampusID web page.
  2. Go to the One Stop Shop tab for access to all of your records. Scroll down to the Registration block and select Add/Drop/ Withdraw Courses.
  3. Select the appropriate registration term.
  4. Read the agreement carefully and select “I Agree” or “I Do Not Agree.”
  5. Select the co-op course within the department/subject area in which you are taking the co-op (COOP 2000 and COOP 3000).
  6. Choose the co-op course and click “Register.”
  7. Review your status to make sure the course is registered correctly.
  8. Select “Concise Student Schedule” under the Registration tab to review your current registration schedule.

Registration Schedules for Co-op Field Experience
You must register each term in which you are participating in the co-op experience. For the spring co-op you would register for the spring and maymester terms, 12 credit hours for spring and 3 credits for maymester. For the fall co-op you will register for 3 credits for the 7-week summer semester and 12 credits for the fall semester. Each co-op experience equates to 15 audit hours of instruction.

Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
Spring Co-op (Field Experience Equals 15 Audit Hours) Fall Co-op (Field Experience Equals 15 audit hours)
12 Hours 3 Hours 3 Hours 12 Hours

Before you can register, you must have completed all pre-co-op requirements. If you are prevented from registering for either your first or second co-op experience, please consult with your Co-op Coordinator.

Enrollment Status
During the co-op you will be registered for 15 audit credits. These credits will not count toward degree requirements and will not be calculated into a grade-point average. Co-op audit credits are not included in the calculation of academic hours carried for tuition purposes. Enrollment certification for tuition and insurance purposes will be based on the full-time status each of the two terms. No course grade will be awarded for students who audit classes. Co-op courses will be noted on the transcript as proof of participation in a co-op experience. Note: There will be a nominal fee associated with participation in the co-op program.